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Mississippi car accident leads to injury and death

A quiet Mississippi evening was interrupted when a tragic car accident occurred on a local highway. The car accident on Interstate 20 led to the death of two individuals in the vehicle and injury to two others. It is unclear from an early report which of the victims was driving the car. The identity of two of the victims was not reported.

The car was traveling on I-20 in the westbound lane when the crash happened. For an unknown reason, the driver of the car lost control and ran off of the highway. It is unclear if the car struck other objects on the roadside, flipped or hit the tree line, but the mangled heap left behind was barely recognizable as a car.

Mississippi authorities are conducting an investigation into this tragic car accident. As they do, they will work to determine which of the injured and deceased individuals was driving the car when it left the highway. This information may be crucial to those who have survived the car accident and the family of those who were lost.

Car accidents involving serious injury and death are a tragedy. Unfortunately, an investigation can only provide so many answers as to what transpired prior to the car accident. However, the families of those injured or killed may find some comfort from understanding why this tragedy occurred. In car accident cases such as this one, if it is found that the driver was negligent, the victims of the crash who have sustained injuries may be able to seek damages for their recovery and medical expenses. In addition, the families of those killed may find it within their right to seek damages for the loss of their loved ones.

Source: wlbt.com, "Two Pelahatchie residents killed in I-20 crash" Joe Barnes, Sept. 1, 2012

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